Saturday, July 23, 2016

where I may roam.

Well, that's a wrap on tour. What a trip! The Calgary Stampede was a marathon of country music, and brought some beautiful performance opportunities our way. Thanks to everyone at W├╝rst, The National on 10th, The Palomino, The National Music Centre and the Speakeasy Garage. Blake and I have found a home here in the Calgary community. It's fertile ground, with great songwriters. Mariel and Mike... I love you two, and you know it.

From Calgary to BC where we reconnected with Ward in Vernon at our Spinners Sound Centre concert. Ward has made the Okanagan a friendlier place to be through house concerts, and introducing me to the music supporting folk of the area. A friendship I cherish. And then beautiful Salmon Arm. There's nothing like it. Just check out this photo that Blake snapped. A thousand thank yous to Susan for having us back at the R.J. Haney Museum.

I think often about how being an independent artist is really about inter-dependence. Breaking bread with new friends. Organizing concerts in stores, houses, and amphitheatres. There are hundreds of people involved in just a few shows. All working together so that I can sing songs, and try to share my experience with an audience. I am deeply grateful for the privilege.

The next few weeks will have me on the road again, but I'll be camping. Reading. Hanging with my friend Heather. Connecting with old friends. Going to a family reunion. It's a special time. I'll share some of the adventure.

Hope you're having a happy summer, friends.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Hello, Vernon. what we'll say tonight tonight tonight!


Monday, July 18, 2016

tour lessons, episode 482: temperament management

temperament [tem-per-uh-muh nt] 

1. the combination of mental, physical, and emotional traits of a person; natural predisposition.

2. unusual personal attitude or nature as manifested by peculiarities of feeling, temper, action, etc., often with a disinclination to submit to conventional rules or restraints.

3. As pertaining to music: 
         a) the tuning of a keyboard instrument, as the piano, organ, or harpsichord, so that the instrument may be played in all keys without further tuning.          
         b) a particular system of doing this.

Hello friends, 

A key went missing this week. Specifically, the spare key to my Toyota Matrix. I brought two along on tour because I thought that was a great idea. I gave both sets to dear guitarist Bryce on the day that he went to get a new tattoo. I thought to myself, "He might be lightheaded afterwards, or distracted... he may lock the keys in the car. I will give him both sets. This is best practice."

I have never had a tattoo.

So, since Tattoo Day, I've thought, "I need that extra car key back. One of the boys has it. I don't who, but I don't want it to get lost."

This morning I mentioned it. We're leaving for BC tomorrow, and I've gotta have my stuff in order. So I brought it up with the guys. Somehow, I took the high road, and I fought my natural tendency to be like, "Y'all have my key. Give it. Now."

I spent the day reminding, looking, re-reminding, looking again. Waiting for them to find it. I managed to somehow (I hope) avoid a snotty, "YOU have it." 

And thank the stars...

Because tonight, I came to a lovely Calgary coffeeshop, and when I saw it was cash only, I went digging for spare change in my purse. And yeah... you know what I found. 

Don't get all blamey, my people. The road to redemption is so much shorter when you're not a total ass. 

And for my touring friends: learn to tune yourself so you can play in all the keys. Pun intended.

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Larry's joke.

Meet Larry. As best as I can remember it, it went like this:

"Do you like jokes? I got one for you...

"So this couple, they're in their 90s. They're in great health, and they decide to take a vacation. They're driving down the highway, and out of nowhere, BAM! Hit by a semi truck. So they get up to St. Peter's gates and Peter says, 'Welcome! Here in Heaven you'll have everything you wanted on Earth, and best of all, it's all free.'

"He shows them their new home. It's beautiful. Big and comfortable. A swimming pool. The old man says, 'I can't believe this. It can't be true.' St. Peter says, 'Oh, but it is! And it's all free!'

"Peter shows them the golf course, a passion of the old man's. 'It changes every day, so you'll never get tired of it.'

"Peter then takes them out for supper. A meal fit for a king. 'And it's all free!' says Peter.

"The old man looks at his wife. 'I can't believe it,' he says, 'I really can't believe it. It really is Heaven. And to think that I could have been here 30 years sooner if you hadn't fed me those damn bran muffins all these years!'"

Monday, July 4, 2016


Got some shows coming up, folks! And a whole lot of busy-ness...

I'm starting out on a mini-tour with Kirby Criddle this weekend, and then I'll make my way to The Greatest Outdoor Show On Earth, the old Calgary Stampede. I'll be performing with Blake Berglund and Bryce Lewis, and getting all the sweet harmonies in that I can.

Speaking of Blake, we were featured on a couple podcasts last week. The first was W.B. Walker's Old Soul Radio Show for a Canada Day special, and the second was the (very odd) Queen City Improvement Bureau. If you get to take the time to listen to them I think you'll be delighted by both. Though very different in format, they share two prized attributes: suffering no fools, and not taking themselves too seriously.